Conflictafhandeling buiten de rechtbank

This book offers the reader thorough and original insights into conflict settlement outside the court, but at the same time it is much more than a mere legal publication: it tries to provide insight into conflicts and conflict settlement for lawyers and non-lawyers.

This book aims to make a modest contribution to improving the knowledge, techniques and modalities of contemporary conflict resolution. It is therefore a practical book for anyone who wants to gain insight into how to deal with conflict creatively and who is looking for the creation of added value, even in conflict.

Title: Conflictafhandeling buiten de rechtbank
Date of publication: 03/2019
Number of pages: 356 p.
Publisher: Intersentia
Author: Luc Demeyere, Stefan Rutten, Theo De Beir, Edwin Jacobs, Eric Lancksweerdt, Willem Meuwissen, Stanislas Ossieur
ISBN number: 9789400009783
Price: € 45,50
(VAT included, Shipping cost excluded)
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