17 Mar

Commission introduces new anonymous whistleblower tool

Yesterday, the European Commission introduced a new tool to enable individuals to alert the Commission anonymously about antitrust violations. The tool protects the whistleblower’s anonymity through an encrypted messaging system that allows two-way communications. The service is run by a specialized external service provider acting as intermediary. You can read more on this topic via the following link: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-17-591_en.htm

The Commission aims to ensure overall effective whistleblower protection across the EU (5.7.2016 EC Communication and 26.1.2017 Inception Impact Assessment). It also launched a public consultation. Until 29 May 2017, interested stakeholders can submit their views and experiences on the benefits and drawbacks of whistleblower protection.

06 Mar

Fourth M&A Survey very successful

contrast is pleased to announce that the fourth M&A Survey has been very successful. Thanks to the much appreciated participation of more than 70 banks, investment companies, M&A professionals and law firms, the M&A Survey now covers transactions with a total value of almost 15 billion euro. The results will be presented to the participants during a closed event on 28 March. If you were not able to participate in the M&A Survey, you can send an email to books@contrast-law.be and we will inform you as soon as the results are available. The M&A Survey will also be covered in an article that will be published shortly in Belgium’s leading corporate law review, Tijdschrift voor Rechtspersoon en Vennootschap / Revue pratique des sociétés.

01 Mar

contrast speaks at Business2Students event

On Wednesday 1st March students have the opportunity to attend a competition law compliance training, organized by Business2Students. Frank Wijckmans and Stefanie Colaers explain how a compliance program can help companies to avoid high fines for antitrust infringements. During an ensuing Q&A session, students get various tips and tricks on compliance. If you want to know more about compliance, you can check our In the Picture on the topic.

Seminar Studentcorner
23 Feb

contrast hosts European Stakeholders Meeting in dental sector

On 23 February Sarah Jaques and Frank Wijckmans host the first European Stakeholders Meeting of all of the major European trade associations in the dental sector. The participants welcomed Mr Kohler and Mr Piscoi (European Commission) for a discussion on the Medical Device Regulation.

15 Feb

GCR Awards 2017 – Behavioural matter of the year (Europe)

contrast represented a multinational group involved in the European Commission’s truck cartel proceedings. This is one of the largest cartel investigations ever conducted by the Commission.

contrast is very proud that, in this year’s Global Competition Review Awards, the Trucks case has been shortlisted for “Behavioural matter of the year – Europe: Creative, strategic and innovative work carried out in a non-merger matter before an enforcer in Europe.” This complex and significant case is innovative as, for the first time, a settlement was secured after the Commission issued a statement of objections.

With a simple vote, you can support contrast in this Awards contest.

Voting is open until midnight CET on 24 February 2017. Please check our social pages, LinkedIn or Facebook, for further instructions.

We would very much appreciate your support!

14 Feb

Frank Wijckmans teaches at the Solvay Brussels School

On 14 February Frank Wijckmans speaks about competition law compliance in the Executive Programme in Retail and Consumer Goods Distribution at the Solvay Business School, adding legal expertise to the economics of business life.

08 Feb

The three musketeers are now four

We are delighted to announce that Herlinde Burez, who has been with contrast since its start, joined the partnership.

20 Jan

Bart Bellen is opening speaker at seminar on company acquisitions

On 20 January 2017, Bart Bellen is opening speaker at a seminar organized by LegalNews and M&D Seminars on company acquisitions. The full-day seminar addresses 8 particular legal aspects of company acquisitions. Bart focuses on representations, warranties and indemnification in the context of share deals and asset deals.

04 Jan

contrast welcomes winter trainees

contrast welcomes Louise and Marlies as winter trainees in its Competition & EU Law team and Heleen as winter trainee in its Corporate & Business Law team. Last semester, they studied in the US and France and they will now assist contrast lawyers on case work. Are you going on Erasmus next fall and are you looking for an interesting winter traineeship? Apply online: http://www.contrast-law.be/careers/students/traineeships.

Students Studentcorner


13 Dec 2016

Frank Wijckmans chairs the conference 'Arbitration meets the Competition Authorities'

On 13 December 2016 Frank Wijckmans chairs the discussion organized by Cepani between representatives of DG Competition, National Competition Authorities and arbitrators with experience in competition law. First Philippe Sarrailhé, Jacques Steenbergen, Jean-Paul Vulliéty and Eddy De Smijter each give a short introductory presentation. Then the panel members discuss what type of interaction between the public law enforcers is useful and achievable and what are the next steps to foster the correct and efficient application of competition law in arbitration proceedings.

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