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The global COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily disrupted our fysical presence on your campus. We are however confident that one day we will be back in full force. When, where and how to meet us then, will be communicated clearly on this web page. Please do keep an eye open for our student workshops and other events in the meantime and register here if you want us to keep you up to date.


For 2020-2021, contrast is a sponsor of VRG Ghent, VRG Leuven, Elsa Antwerpen, Elsa Brussel en B2S Ghent. The close cooperation between contrast and these student organizations proves its success by the attendance of law students from each university at contrast's workshops and the wide distribution of our well-known ruler ('het contrast-latje'). Year after year, our contrast ruler highlights an article of law. Didn’t get your ruler yet? Order one now and we will send it to you!


  • Filip Tuytschaever teaches competition law at the Law Faculty of the University of Brussels (VUB).
  • Frank Wijckmans teaches 'The Law and Economics of Vertical Restraints' at the Brussels School of Competition (BSC) and gives guest lectures on competition law at the University of Antwerp (UA).
  • Bart Bellen gives guest lectures on M&A at the Law Faculties of the Universities of Leuven (KUL), Ghent (UGent), Antwerp (UA) and Brussels (VUB).
  • Luc Demeyere gives guest lectures on negotiation and mediation at the University of Antwerp (UA).