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Job fairs / Campus interviews

You can meet us and find out more about contrast at various job fairs and campus interviews. This academic year, contrast will be present at the following job fairs / campus interviews:


  • Job days, 28 November 2018


  • Job days, 28 November 2018
  • Campus interviews, 3 & 4 December 2018


  • Job days, 14 November 2018
  • Campus interviews, 30 November 2018


  • Job days, 15 November 2018


  • Job days, 8 November 2018


contrast is a sponsor of VRG Ghent, VRG Leuven, LCM Leuven, ELSA Brussels, ELSA Antwerp and B2S Antwerp. The close cooperation between contrast and these student organizations has already proven its success by the attendance of law students from each university at contrast's Corporate Day, contrast law seminars (check out the student 'wildcards' available for each event) and the on-campus distribution of our well-known contrast-ruler ('het contrast-latje').


  • Filip Tuytschaever teaches competition law at the Law Faculty of the University of Brussels (VUB).
  • Frank Wijckmans teaches 'The Law and Economics of Vertical Restraints' at the Brussels School of Competition (BSC) and gives guest lectures on competition law at the University of Antwerp (UA).
  • Bart Bellen gives guest lectures on M&A at the Law Faculties of the Universities of Leuven (KUL), Ghent (UGent), Antwerp (UA) and Brussels (VUB).
  • Luc Demeyere gives guest lectures on negotiation and mediation at the University of Antwerp (UA).