Privacy & Data Protection

The Privacy and Data Protection (“PDP”) team of contrast advises international and domestic companies on privacy and data protection matters on a daily basis.

Personal data, especially from customers, have become an important economic asset for companies. Due to evolving technologies, the volume of personal data stored by companies is increasing rapidly. Concerns about the potential misuse of personal data have alerted legislators and data protection authorities worldwide. This has resulted in fast-changing and ever more severe data protection rules. Companies are required to keep up with these new rules and face increasing risks of data breaches and violations. contrast is highly qualified to assist companies in respect of these challenges.

Privacy and Data Protection Team

Our Privacy and Data Protection (“PDP”) team advises on privacy and data protection matters on a daily basis. It has experience in a wide range of privacy and data protection matters, including:

  • Audits and data mapping
  • Compliance programs and policies
  • Notifications of data breaches to the data protection authority
  • Direct marketing and e-commerce activities

We represent clients in various sectors and have particular experience in the automotive and retail sector.

Data Protection Compliance

Our PDP team assists international and domestic companies in setting-up and implementing privacy and data protection compliance systems. Such systems include data protection audits at the European and national level.

We advise clients on the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation within their entire (European) organisation. To do so, our PDP team liaises with the HR departments, with CRM, marketing and sales as well as the IT departments of the companies concerned. A pragmatic and business-oriented approach coupled with hands-on communication with all stakeholders (legal, IT or business) are standard ingredients of our PDP team's approach.

Our PDP team gives a lot of in-house trainings on privacy and data protection. These trainings range from the creation of broad awareness within the client’s organization to in-depth trainings on specific matters (e.g. direct marketing) and tailor-made trainings to familiarize management with the internal policies and procedures.