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25 Nov

Whistleblower directive

Yesterday evening the Belgian Parliament approved the draft bill transposing the EU Whistleblower Directive into national legislation. Companies with 50 employees and more will have to provide an internal reporting channel and procedure for whistleblowing. Whistleblowers must be protected against retaliation. The protection applies not only to employees but also to persons who blow the whistle in any other capacity.

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💡 Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law.

💡 Draft bill.

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17 Nov

ITP - Brace yourselves, CSDD is coming!

Imagine... 💭 You work as a buyer for a large European leisurewear manufacturer. You have been working closely with a foreign supplier of textile fabrics for many years. One day, your compliance officer knocks on your door and shows you a series of articles about working conditions and wastewater discharges that have led to protests against that supplier from local action groups. The commercial terms you enjoy with that supplier are very advantageous. Your conscience gnaws, but you still want to maintain the relationship. Moreover, you have contractually placed any liabilities pretty much exclusively on the supplier. Are you really at risk then? 

Read our latest #inthepicture ”Brace yourselves, CSDD is coming!“, written by our corporate associate Lennart Govaert and partner Bart Bellen.

16 Nov

Seminar on the latest developments in European competition law

On 16 December, several experts will summarise the "Latest developments in European competition law" during the seminar organized by the Délégation des Barreaux de France. Our competition partner Sebastien Engelen will zoom in on vertical agreements. Interested? Register here!

10 Nov

Accountant day

Today is accountant day. We like to put Anja Oorts, our contrast accountant, in the limelight. In particular since she received her official title and diploma as accredited accountant and tax advisor of the ITAA (Institute for Tax Advisors and Accountants) yesterday. Join us in congratulating her! 

02 Nov

Bpost and Nordzucker cases: ne bis in idem principle in competition law

The application of the ne bis in idem principle in competition law cases has been much discussed in recent years. In the recent Bpost and Nordzucker cases, the Court of Justice of the European Union ‍⚖️📝 revisited its case law. It ruled that, as in other areas of EU law, the relevant criterion for examining the ‘idem’ requirement is the identity of the material facts. Read the recent article by Sébastien Engelen, contrast competition partner, and Aline Nardi, UC Louvain law graduate and also former research assistant at contrast.

31 Oct

STUDENT CV TIP #4? Show your personality with attention to detail…

Job fairs for law students are coming up. In preparation, we like to share a CV tip each week.

CV TIP #4 Show your personality with attention to detail…

Let your personality shine through in your CV, both in terms of content (e.g. interests, skills, etc.) and layout (design, colours, etc.).

Keep your CV (including photo) professional, and limit yourself to one page.

Have an eye for detail. Do not forget spelling.

Interested in applying for an internship and showing us your CV? Send us your CV and meet us at one of the following job fairs:

Job fair at the UA – Thursday, 3 November 2022

Job fair at the VUB – Monday, 7 November 2022

Job fair at the UGent – Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Job fair at the KUL – Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Job fair at the UCLouvain – Wednesday, 23 November 2022

28 Oct

Virtual VBER event - Video uploads

On 6 October 2022 the Distribution Law Center – driven by contrast – organized its first virtual international conference on distribution law. It is fair to say that it was a great success and upon the request of many participants, we are happy to share with you the video uploads of all four panel discussions on the DLC website.

26 Oct

CV workshop with ELSA Brussel

Last week Simone Goyvaerts and Eva Alboort enjoyed giving a CV workshop to the law students of Ghent 🎓. Tomorrow our next CV workshop will take place in cooperation with ELSA Brussel on the VUB campus. Interested in receiving lots of practical tips on your CV and subsequent job interview? Register quickly. We look forward to meeting you there! 👉 🔗

25 Oct

Meet our two new partners!

contrast in motion! 👋 We are pleased to announce the promotion of Milena Varga and Sébastien Engelen to partner. Watch the short movie 🎬 and meet them both! #lawyers #lawfirm #contrasttalent #promotion #contrastinmotion #thecontrastisclear

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