Vertical Agreements in EC Competition Law

This book analyses the EC competition rules applicable to vertical agreements, including Regulation 2790/99 (the general block exemption applicable to vertical agreements), Regulation 1400/2002 (the motor vehicle block exemption) and also vertical agreements not covered by a block exemption.

The book includes informal guidance obtained from DG Competition. The authors consider issues directly relevant in the commercial world, answering questions such as: Under what conditions may a supplier impose territorial restrictions on his dealer network? Is it possible to impose maximum retail prices? Are customer restrictions permissible in a selective distribution system? Can a supplier assume an exclusive supply obligation? Are non-compete restrictions compatible with Regulation 2790/99? Is an exclusive supply-back obligation included in a subcontracting arrangement enforceable?

The authors draw on their experience in this area of competition law to address the more complex issues relating to vertical restraints. They offer practical solutions to commercial problems and provide an indispensable tool for all practitioners active in the drafting or reviewing of vertical agreements.

Title: Vertical Agreements in EC Competition Law
Date of publication: 2006
Number of pages: 472 p.
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Frank Wijckmans | Filip Tuytschaever | Alain Vanderelst
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