Share Purchase Agreements - Belgian Law and Practice

This book analyses share purchase agreements governed by Belgian law and used for company acquisitions.

It is written from a practitioner’s perspective and focuses on the application of classic civil and corporate law concepts in the particular context of a share purchase agreement.  The theoretical background of all legal concepts is discussed with due consideration for the practical relevance of the analysis.

The reader is guided through the successive stages of a share purchase agreement.  Each chapter includes a section containing sample clauses and concludes with an overview of relevant legislation, case law, legal doctrine and other sources of law.

The book concludes with an index of the concepts used and a separate lexicon of the corresponding Belgian law terms in Dutch and French.

Title: Share Purchase Agreements - Belgian Law and Practice
Date of publication: 2016
Number of pages: 382 p.
Publisher: Intersentia
Author: Bart Bellen
In collaboration with Evy Claeyé,
Jesse Docx, Ine Schockaert, Jeroen Stevens,
Thijs Herremans and Breth Hermans
Price: € 160,00
(VAT included, Shipping cost excluded)
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